Wood Cottage Bantams

Dutch Bantams & Rosecomb Bantams

Rosecomb Bantams


Origin: Great Britain

Carriage: Cobby but not dumpy. The back should show one sweeping curve from neck to sickles.

Type: Body short & broad. Back short, shoulders broad & flat. Breast carried well up & forward, with a bold curve from wing bow to wing bow. Wings carried rather low, showing  only front half of thighs. Wide flight feathers round ended & broad to ends. Stern flat, broad & thick, with abundant feather; saddle hackle long & plentiful & extending from tail to middle of back. Tail carried well back, main feathers broad & overlapping neatly; the sickles being long, circled with a bold sweep, broad from base to rounded ends, main feathers not projecting beyond the sickles. Furnishing feathers plentiful, broad from base to end, round ended & uniformly curved with the sickles but hanging somewhat shorter; side hangers broad & long & with the hackles filling the space between stern & wing ends. All feathers broad to ends.

Head: Short & broad. Beak stout & short. Comb rose, neat & long, with square, well filled front, set firmly, tapering to the setting-on of the spike or leader; top perfectly level & crowded with small round spikes. The leader stout at base, firm, long & perfectly straight, tapering to a fine point. Comb & leader rise slightly from front to rear in one line. Face of fine texture. Ear-lobes absolutely round, with rounded edges, of uniform thickness all over, not hollow or dished, firmly set on the face & kid-like in texture; not smaller than 1.88 cm or larger than 2.19 cm. Wattles round, neat & fine.

Neck: Rather short, well curved, with wide feathers, hackle falling gracefully & plentifully over shoulders & wing bows & almost reaching the tail.

Legs & Feet: Legs short. Thighs set well apart, stout at top & tapering to hocks. Shanks rather short, round, fine & free of feathers. Toes, four, straight & well spread.


General characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for sexual differences. Ear-lobes should not be larger than 1.56 cm, & the wings, are not carried as low & are tucked up.

Weight:  Male  570 - 620g       Female  450 - 510g





Rosecomb Pullet