Wood Cottage Bantams

Dutch Bantams & Rosecomb Bantams

                    Selston Show Jan 2011

  2nd D'Anvers female
                 High Peak Show Feb 2011

  1st Gold Dutch male


+ Best Dutch Bantam

  Another photo of Best Dutch.

  3rd Gold Dutch male

  2nd D'Anvers female

  1st Rosecomb male
                        Stafford County Show 

                                2nd Gold Dutch male


                              2nd D'Anvers female


                             1st Rosecomb

                                     Derbyshire County Show

                               1st Dutch male

                                               2nd Dutch male

                        1st Dutch female (Yellow) 

                                   1st Belgian 

                             Bakewell Show

           1st Dutch male, Best Dutch & Best True Bantam 

                                       1st Dutch female (Yellow)


2nd Dutch male (Gold)

4th Rosecomb female (Black)


                         Manifold Valley Agricultural Show


A/C Dutch Bantam M/F

1st Gold female

2nd Gold female

3rd Yellow female



Best True Bantam with Gold Dutch hen



1st Belgian Bantam   (Blue Milliefleur D'Anvers pullet)

1st Rosecomb

                   Selston Show October 2011

1st AOC Dutch + Best Dutch Bantam + Best True Bantam

( Yellow Dutch pullet )

2nd AOC Dutch Bantam ( Yellow pullet)

2nd 2011 bred Dutch Bantam (Yellow cockerel)

3rd Rosecomb female 

(An excellent class of 7 females at this show)

               Lichfield Autumn Show 5th Nov 2011
1st & 2nd AOC Dutch female (Both Yellow pullets)

1st Rosecomb female

1st & 2nd AOC D'Anvers (Both Blue Milliefleur pullets)

2nd AOC Dutch male (Yellow cockerel)

        The Federation Show Dec 2011

                                         3rd Yellow Dutch male

              Photo By Rupert Stephenson & Poultrykeeper.com

2nd AOC Non Standard D'Anvers

4th Yellow Dutch female