Wood Cottage Bantams

Dutch Bantams & Rosecomb Bantams

                              High Peak 2010

3rd Gold Dutch Male


2nd AOC Dutch Male (Yellow)


Southport & Ormskirk Bantam Society Show 20/02/10

Best Dutch, Best True Bantam & Reserve Show Champion

Thanks to Paul Heath for the use of this photograph.

Gold Dutch. Owned & Bred By Jane Eardley.

1st AOC Dutch Male (Yellow)  Owned & Bred By Jane Eardley

Stafford County Show  2.06.10

1st AOC Dutch Male (Yellow)

2nd Rosecomb Male

                           Bakewell Show 

 1st Rosecomb Female & Best Of Breed


1st Rosecomb Male

                        Manifold Valley Show

 1st Rosecomb & Best True Bantam

 1st Dutch Bantam



2nd Rosecomb  (Black pullet)

1st Japanese  (White Hen)

                                  Selston Youngstock Show

1st D'Anvers & Best Belgian