Wood Cottage Bantams

Dutch Bantams & Rosecomb Bantams

High Peak 2009
  • 1st AOC Dutch Female  (Yellow Dutch Pullet)
Stafford County Show 2009
  • 1st AOC Dutch Female  (Yellow Dutch)

  • 2nd Rosecomb Male
  • Also 3rd with a Gold Dutch male.
Bakewell Show 2009

 1st Dutch female (Yellow Dutch)

Also 3rd Dutch female (Yellow Dutch)

1st Rosecomb Male



Manifold Valley Show 2009

Best in Show & Best True Bantam (Rosecomb)

Also 1st Dutch Bantam (Gold Female)

2nd Dutch Bantam (Yellow Female)

Selston Youngstock Show Nov 09

 3rd Gold Dutch Male

This was the first show for my 09's. A really good turnout of both Dutch & Rosecombs.

I was very pleased to get a 3rd with a Gold Dutch male. (9 in the class) He still needs a few more weeks to fully mature & fill out.

 Not a very flattering shot of him, he wouldn't stand for the photos!!